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Aotearoa Sync-Posium explores the exciting world of applying musical artistry to film, television, video games & commercials.

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The two-day conference featured the world’s biggest industry leaders in Music made for the screens. With over 15 panels, keynote speakers, breakout rooms, meet-ups and more.

Featuring: Serj Tankian (System of A Down Founder, Composer, Artist & Activist; Tami Neilson (Award Winning Singer/Songwriter); Bret McKenzie (Academy Award® Winner / Flight of the Conchords); Joel Little (Grammy® Winning Producer, Songwriter); Anton Monstead (Music Supervisor ELVIS, Head of Music Amazon Studios); Amos Newman (Sr. VP of Music at Fifth Season); Carol Dunn (Executive Producer, Human Worldwide); Karyn Rachtman (Music Supervisor); Mark Mothersbaugh (DEVO Founder, Composer); Steve Schnur (President of Music EA Games)

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